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Remote Learning

In the event of a bubble closure your child will be sent home with some photocopied sheets from their teacher. This is for the following day whilst we arrange the remote and online learning. Please keep checking here for updates. Your child is not expected to do all the work in the pack.


The work posted here is designed to SUPPORT you at home. Please just do what you can, in the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in.  Our Remote Learning Offer is available to view.

Please remember to check the 'Learning Links for Use at Home' page which has lots of online games and ideas that your children will be used to, as well as ideas for daily physical exercise (inside)! UPDATED  - THIS ALSO HAS INDEPENDENT SCREEN FREE ACTIVITIES FOR EACH KEY STAGE.

If the writing is blue (any shade!) then click on the word - it will open up the information from the teacher - this might be a word document or a link to a website. 


EYFS: Ms Fry will be recording input sessions for this week uploading these to the YouTube channel. 

All EYFS children have a login to Phonics Play. This can be used at any time to supplement the remote learning.


EYFS week beginning  01.03.21

EYFS Sheep Cupcakes video  02.03.21


EYFS week beginning  22.02.21


Ardeley YouTube   A private channel where staff have posted videos to assist with work and some other fun activities. 


Year 1 & 2:  Mr Moore is recording his teaching and then upload these to the YouTube channel.
All KS1 children have log ins for Numbots and/or TTRockstars as well as Phonics Play. These sites practice essential skills and  can be used at any time to supplement the remote learning.



Learning Schedule - next 2 weeks

Daily Overview  05.03.21

Year 1 maths sheet  05.03.21

Year 2 maths sheet 05.03.21


Daily Overview  04.03.21

Year 1 maths sheet  04.03.21


Daily Overview 03.03.21

Year 2 maths sheet  03.03.21


Daily Overview  02.03.21

Year 1 maths sheet  02.03.21

Year 2 maths sheet  02.03.21


Daily Overview  01.03.21

Year 2 maths sheet. 01.03.21


Ardeley YouTube   A private channel where staff have posted videos to assist with work and some other fun activities. 

Year 3 and 4:

Weekly and Daily Overview


Daily Overview  05.03.21


Daily overview  04.03.21

World Book Day activity  04.03.21


Daily Overview  03.03.21


Weekly/Daily Overview 02.0.21 - 05.03.21

Maths Presentation  02.03.21

RE Video 02.03.21

RE Presentation 02.03.21

RE task 02.03.21


Maths 01.03.21


Logins for Spelling Shed, TT Rockstars and Read Theory are in the back of children's reading records/planners.


You will receive an email regarding logging on to an online lesson.   
You can log in by going to     https://www.thegrid.org.uk/   and then selecting Office 365 on the left hand side.

Live Lesson rules

This is a selection of activities that you can do as and when you like. It is the same for everyone and won't change - however other lessons and activity packs will have different codes. Look at my YouTube video (link at the top of the page) for help with TwinklGo.

Twinklgo PINs will be emailed to children.


Year 5 & 6:

Mrs Minson and Mrs Templeton will be doing 'live' lessons for UKS2 to join, keep checking your email for lesson codes and links to videos etc.
If you cannot get onto the live lesson please email your teacher and they will help you. 


Music lesson from Mr Hill on YouTube in 2 parts:

Body Percussion Part 1 (week 1)

Body Percussion Part 2 (week 1)

Body Percussion   25.01.21 (week 2)

Music  01.02.21

Music  01.03.21


Body Percussion 08.02.21 (week 3)


PE Presentation for all classes with Mr Fitzgerald (download this first so it runs properly)  25.02.21

PE challenge with Mr Fitzgerald  02.03.21