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Head Teacher : Mrs Barbara Young.

School Lane,

Our SENCO is Rebecca Sheldon email senco@ardeley.herts.sch.uk 

 Opening hours:

Breakfast Club 08.00 to 08.50

School 08.50 to 15.20

After School Club 15.20 to 16:30

Tel : 01438 861284


E-Mail Address: admin@ardeley.herts.sch.uk

It is important to us to have effective communication with all those involved with the School and with our wider community. If you have a concern - a worry or doubt over an issue - please raise it with either the Class Teacher, Senior Teacher, or Headteacher (Mrs Young) and we will try to resolve it straight away. If the issue remains unresolved please see the Concerns and Complaints policy, on our policies page, for possible next steps.

Please ask for Mrs Young if you have any queries

Paper copies of policies can be provided - please just ask.