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We have recently produced a booklet to help you to support your child with literacy at home. A PDF copy can be down loaded from here.

Supporting your Child with Literacy at Home


During the school life of your child you could be invited to over 30 meetings to discuss your child’s progress with their teacher(s).  To ensure that the meetings work well we have put together some tips to ensure that both you and your child’s teacher cover what it is important and that both feel satisfied with the time spend together.

How to Get the Most out of Parents' Evenings


We have recently produced some booklets to help you to support your child with maths at home. PDF copies can be down loaded from here.

Maths - Reception

Maths - Year 1

Maths - Year 2

Maths - Year 3

Maths - Year 4

Maths - Year 5

Maths - Year 6


We have been sent some new guidance for parents who would like more information on the social media networking site called Facebook. Please click on the link for more information .

Facing up to Facebook