Lunchtime School Clubs

These clubs are available in the Summer Term 2017

commencing w/b 24/04/17

           Choir Club                            


Wednesday     KS1

Happy French Club

Wednesday     KS2

Choir Club


    KS2 Happy French Club
Friday     KS1 & KS2 Tennis Club
Friday     Invitation only Sports Crew

Choir Club - Mr M. Hill

Happy French Club - Miss M. Kerstenne

Sports Crew - Mr J. Suckling

Tennis Club - Mr N. Roskilly


After School Clubs

These clubs are available during the SummerTerm 2017

commencing w/b 06/06/17


  Child Reading         Multi-Skills

       Dodge Ball


  Gardening Club
Monday     KS 1 & 2       Football Club 
Tuesday KS 1 & 2      Gardening Club
Wednesday KS 1 & 2 Multi-Skills Club
Thursday    KS 1 & 2 Dodge Ball Club


Dodge Ball Club Club - Mrs J. Suckling

 Football Club - Stevenage Football Club

Gardening Club - Mrs Dingley & Mrs Jones

Multi-Skills Club - Mr L. Fitzgerald